Sunday, April 8, 2012


musthaves for upcoming season, classic postions, my inspirations and goals (the best pictures I found and that I wanna keep). here we go:

Pictures from: google gaphics elie tahari website river island website

Friday, February 3, 2012

Your smell, your life

Every perfume remains me of some places, people, events, emotions. That's very common that people (well, ok especially women)connect the fragrance with particular things from their life. Here are some perfumes of my choice, that I adore or just connect with positive things. P.S. It happened once in my life - firstly I hated the smell, because it was connected with some bad memories, but after time things turned - and my mind started perceiving that thing as a quite positive one. Guess what? I like the smell right now ;)
From left to right: CK in 2 u (my everyday smell ), Jean Paul Gaultier Madame, Dolce&Gabbana Light blue (remains me of Santorini), Mary Kay Journey, YSL Baby doll, Davidoff Coll water Wave, CK one(that's my favourite one), Zara 97.71, CK Eternity summer and on the back is hidden Hugo Boss XY Bye the way - I like male perfumes way more than female ones.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tips for pictures make up

First of all, pictures make up is different than a normal one - SPF is good on daily basis, glowy skin looks naturally beautiful, and big chunks of glitter can do only bad things on your every-day-skin. Things are different when it comes to pictures...

So avoid using foundation with SPF for your photoshoots - it will result with ghostly white face or very pale effect. Also if you are preparing make-up only for a photoshoot don't be afraid to use a little bit darker shade of foundation or powder than your natural skin tone. Of course we are avoiding very unnatural effect - don't try be Latino if you are from Sweeden, just add your skin more colour. Additionaly, matt texture works better on pictures, because if your face is too glowy camera catchs it and your skin looks sweaty or wet.

Secondly, if you are young you can use some glittery or sparkling cosmetics, especially on your eyes and cheekbones. They will just highlight the spots on your face and will appear way more natural on pics than in reality. Remember that camera washes out around 30% of the make-up you are wearing.

Conceal your face as the Photoshop does not exist ;))

Apply more blush or bronzer that you usually do. This is the same story as with any other colour cosmetics - it will be washed out. Also your eyebrows should be way more defined, you can make them bolder and a bit darker than usually. To make your lashes look fuller use an eyeliner - depending on what results you want to come up with, you can also line your waterlines.

If you have any other tips, please share them in the comments. Thank you in advance :))

here are the results, the make up was really artifial in the reality, but on pictures it just boosted my models beauty: She wears: River Island white scarf, Marks & Spencer pink dress

Monday, September 6, 2010

Kids Vogue ;)

She: Aldo shoes, Guess watch, Ralph Lauren, vintage dress and necklace He: AE darkgreen shirt, H&M green shirt & hat, American Eagle jeans, vintage bag
Here are 2 of my youngest siblings. We were shooting in June but that was supposed to be an autumn climat ;) they were tough models, but did a great a job all in all and we ended up with 400 pictures. the results are above ;)