Friday, February 3, 2012

Your smell, your life

Every perfume remains me of some places, people, events, emotions. That's very common that people (well, ok especially women)connect the fragrance with particular things from their life. Here are some perfumes of my choice, that I adore or just connect with positive things. P.S. It happened once in my life - firstly I hated the smell, because it was connected with some bad memories, but after time things turned - and my mind started perceiving that thing as a quite positive one. Guess what? I like the smell right now ;)
From left to right: CK in 2 u (my everyday smell ), Jean Paul Gaultier Madame, Dolce&Gabbana Light blue (remains me of Santorini), Mary Kay Journey, YSL Baby doll, Davidoff Coll water Wave, CK one(that's my favourite one), Zara 97.71, CK Eternity summer and on the back is hidden Hugo Boss XY Bye the way - I like male perfumes way more than female ones.

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