Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Icons

Against the public opinion icons for me are not "bestseller" celebrities. For me icon of style is somebody who looks good in the clothing he/she wears - and it doesn't need to be expensive, it doesn't have to have a brand, it doesn't have to come from the last collection. It just needs to look amazing on the right person. And at times even the icons are not the icons - everybody deserve having a bad day.

The pictures say the most:
Miroslava Duma

Magda Cielecka

Dulce Candy

I didn't like Dulce's style at the beggining but she's a great example that the style is something you buid toward ages and it needs some work. She now seems to know more about herself and she looks way better now to compare with the past
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  1. hej :) mam nadzieje,ze bedziesz wpadac do mnie czesciej ;) malo u mnie mody i kultury ,ale co tam ;)

  2. noo noo jaki blog :DDD pełen glamourowy profesjonalizm :P nie to co u mnie ;)

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